Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dressing change Tuesday 11-28-06

Yeah! Things are looking better. They were able to take the stiches out today and they measured his hands for the compression gloves he will need to wear in a week or two. This will probably be the last time they give him the Ketamine while doing his dressing changes, so they wanted to measure him for the gloves while he was out. They are even talking about letting us go home some time next week, depending on how things go on Thursday. We'll keep ya posted!

Trying to keep him entertained at Aunt Marlyn's house

As Jaden gets feeling better and becomes more active, it has become a real challenge to try and entertain him as he can't do anything with his hands. I'm not sure if holding a toy in front of him is entertaining, or just teasing him. So while he is awake, we struggle a bit and finding things that interest him. My arms are dying because he just wants me to hold him and walk around with him. Thanks to Marlyn and Jim as they are helping all they can with this. Over the weekend, they took us up Little Cottonwood canyon to the quarry site where they took all the granite for the Salt Lake Temple. The canyon was in the shade, so it was pretty cold, but it was neat to see. We also saw some mountain goats way up on the cliffs. After that, we went to feed the ducks by Marlyn's house. There were so many Jaden was amazed. All their quacking was pretty loud.

Dressing change on Saturday 11-25-06

They have been sedating him with a light anethestic called Ketamine for the dressing changes. Thank heavens! He's so squirmy normally, that its hard to even change his diaper let alone something this tricky. They also don't want him to thrash and disturb the skin graft while its so new before it has a chance to attach.

Scenes from the Hospital

Here are some pictures from the hospital after the skin graft surgery on Monday 11-20-06. Eating chocolate ice cream with dad and the incision on his leg where they took the skin graft from. There is one on each leg.

DAY 1 & DAY 2

Several people have asked to see photos of Jaden, so here are a few back from Day 1 and Day2 at the outpatient clinic at the University. Then you can see where his hands have come from.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Update on Jaden