Friday, December 01, 2006

Improving! Bandages getting smaller.

Things are really improving. Jadens hand look better every appointment. Thursday 11-30 was the first dressing change without anethesia (hence the tears). Things went relatively well though. The bandages are getting smaller and smaller. They wrap each individual finger now so he can start to play with toys again a bit. Now I have to do dressing changes daily again in between the hospital visits. I also have to do physical therapy and streching excercises with him 5 min each hand 3 times a day! Thats the part I hate. But if we don't do it, he will lose movement in his fingers and won't be able to open them up flat. They have also fitted him with special splits that he wears during naps and at night time that hold his hands open flat. When we took those bandages off and he really saw his hands, he just kept looking at them and turning his hands around, bending his fingers like, "Wow! I haven't seen them in a while". It was really cute. They are hoping to get his compression gloves in by Thurs. Dec. 7th so we can go home with the gloves!!! YEah That will be a great birthday present for me if we get to come home on my birthday! We're hanging in there, so thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. Alana


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