Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Boys are Here!!!

Just another quick update. Jeff was finally able to come down again and bring Zack & Payton with him! Boy did that ever perk Jaden up. He is really back to full fledge personality now. He as so excited to see his brothers and his dad. It is so good to see him crawling and playing again. He really likes to crawl up and play the piano. Bang! Bang! Now that his bandages are smaller and he has individual fingers wrapped, he can really move better and pick things up. Jeff figured out if he holds him and feeds him pieces of licorice the whole time he does fairly good now for dressing changes. He is really doing so well. We have had a fun weekend finally together again as a family. We took the boys to feed the duck, went to Cabellas and saw all the animals there. The boys were totally thrilled. It is like a museum if you haven't been there yet. Then we went to temple square, watched the Joseph Smith movie and went to see the lights on temple square after that. They really help you get in the holiday spirit. We're doing great and hope to be home by next weekend.


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