Friday, December 22, 2006

Miracle Healing

It really seems that Jaden's hands are healing at a miraculous rate. It's hard to believe its been just a little over a month since he burned his hands. Just an update for all who are following his progress. He is doing well. He's been a little sick with a flu bug, but otherwise getting back to normal. He hasn't really let it slow him down too much. Doing the stretches and physical therapy is hard though. Dad is such a softy, it usually falls on mom to do. Jeff can't stand making him cry. (Why do I always have to be the bad guy?) Anyway, we're trying to follow the protocol, but I must admit with all my other responsibilities and the other 2 boys, its hard to fit it in 3 times a day like we are supposed to do. Its hard to be motivated when you know he cries the whole time too. I just have to sit and remind myself that the short term pain is worth the long term use of his hands. He gets really tired when we do it too. The other night after we did the stretches, he got in the shower with Jeff (which he loves). He was so relaxed, that he fell asleep in the shower. This is the ultimate in relaxation. We are really just so pleased with his progress. We'll continue to keep you posted. Thanks again for all the love and support.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Finally Home at Last!!!!!

We're finally home!!! What a great birthday present for me. It was so nice to be able to sleep in our own beds! We were able to get Jaden's new compression gloves and head for home Thursday Dec. 7th. The gloves were a bit big though. They figured that his hands were still swollen some when they took the measurements for them. They have ordered another pair with the adjustments and when we return for followups on Dec. 21st, we'll get another pair. They found a certified hand therapist in Idaho Falls for us to work with, so we don't have to drive to Utah once a week. That will be so nice. We have to return to the University Hospital once a month now for follow up. Now we need to get the scabs on his finger tips healed and then it will be more a focus on physical therapy instead of healing wounds. He doesn't like the stretching and scar massage though. We about have to bribe him to keep him from screaming. Right now we have him wear the gloves every other day and bandage on the off days. We are looking forward to settling down into a routine and focusing on the holiday season now.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Boys are Here!!!

Just another quick update. Jeff was finally able to come down again and bring Zack & Payton with him! Boy did that ever perk Jaden up. He is really back to full fledge personality now. He as so excited to see his brothers and his dad. It is so good to see him crawling and playing again. He really likes to crawl up and play the piano. Bang! Bang! Now that his bandages are smaller and he has individual fingers wrapped, he can really move better and pick things up. Jeff figured out if he holds him and feeds him pieces of licorice the whole time he does fairly good now for dressing changes. He is really doing so well. We have had a fun weekend finally together again as a family. We took the boys to feed the duck, went to Cabellas and saw all the animals there. The boys were totally thrilled. It is like a museum if you haven't been there yet. Then we went to temple square, watched the Joseph Smith movie and went to see the lights on temple square after that. They really help you get in the holiday spirit. We're doing great and hope to be home by next weekend.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Improving! Bandages getting smaller.

Things are really improving. Jadens hand look better every appointment. Thursday 11-30 was the first dressing change without anethesia (hence the tears). Things went relatively well though. The bandages are getting smaller and smaller. They wrap each individual finger now so he can start to play with toys again a bit. Now I have to do dressing changes daily again in between the hospital visits. I also have to do physical therapy and streching excercises with him 5 min each hand 3 times a day! Thats the part I hate. But if we don't do it, he will lose movement in his fingers and won't be able to open them up flat. They have also fitted him with special splits that he wears during naps and at night time that hold his hands open flat. When we took those bandages off and he really saw his hands, he just kept looking at them and turning his hands around, bending his fingers like, "Wow! I haven't seen them in a while". It was really cute. They are hoping to get his compression gloves in by Thurs. Dec. 7th so we can go home with the gloves!!! YEah That will be a great birthday present for me if we get to come home on my birthday! We're hanging in there, so thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. Alana

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dressing change Tuesday 11-28-06

Yeah! Things are looking better. They were able to take the stiches out today and they measured his hands for the compression gloves he will need to wear in a week or two. This will probably be the last time they give him the Ketamine while doing his dressing changes, so they wanted to measure him for the gloves while he was out. They are even talking about letting us go home some time next week, depending on how things go on Thursday. We'll keep ya posted!

Trying to keep him entertained at Aunt Marlyn's house

As Jaden gets feeling better and becomes more active, it has become a real challenge to try and entertain him as he can't do anything with his hands. I'm not sure if holding a toy in front of him is entertaining, or just teasing him. So while he is awake, we struggle a bit and finding things that interest him. My arms are dying because he just wants me to hold him and walk around with him. Thanks to Marlyn and Jim as they are helping all they can with this. Over the weekend, they took us up Little Cottonwood canyon to the quarry site where they took all the granite for the Salt Lake Temple. The canyon was in the shade, so it was pretty cold, but it was neat to see. We also saw some mountain goats way up on the cliffs. After that, we went to feed the ducks by Marlyn's house. There were so many Jaden was amazed. All their quacking was pretty loud.

Dressing change on Saturday 11-25-06

They have been sedating him with a light anethestic called Ketamine for the dressing changes. Thank heavens! He's so squirmy normally, that its hard to even change his diaper let alone something this tricky. They also don't want him to thrash and disturb the skin graft while its so new before it has a chance to attach.

Scenes from the Hospital

Here are some pictures from the hospital after the skin graft surgery on Monday 11-20-06. Eating chocolate ice cream with dad and the incision on his leg where they took the skin graft from. There is one on each leg.

DAY 1 & DAY 2

Several people have asked to see photos of Jaden, so here are a few back from Day 1 and Day2 at the outpatient clinic at the University. Then you can see where his hands have come from.